Behind the Scenes – Corporate Video Production in Boston

Producing high quality video for your business has the power to tell impactful stories, engage audiences, and drive sales. Gain a better understanding of the processes and skills used by video production professionals in Boston to craft outstanding corporate videos that capture attention, convey messages effectively, and leave a lasting impression on the audience. Below we’ll share 4 aspects to the video production process that are essential to creating a high-quality polished product.

Image showing a video production set in Cambridge, MA. Multiple cameras and lights are shown.
A production set located in Cambridge, MA is shown here. There are a few crew from the production company near Boston, some video cameras, lights, and more.

1. Gather key details and plan for success.

Crafting an effective corporate video begins with understanding your client’s goals and target audience, as well as the key concepts and messaging of the project. Efficient collaboration and planning with the client will help to create a list of objectives that will ensure you get all the necessary details for a successful production. Once research is finished, create a timeline and plan out the steps necessary to meet those objectives, including pre-production tasks, shooting days, editing tasks, and delivery methods.

2. Develop a production schedule and collaborate throughout the process.

Developing an organized timeline and production schedule is key to ensuring a successful video shoot. Communicate openly with the client to ensure everyone is aware of the goals, the deliverables, the vision and give everything your best effort. Collaborate with the entire team to ensure that every phase of pre-production, shooting, and post-production runs smoothly. As changes inevitably arise throughout the project, work together as a team to quickly come up with solutions while keeping everyone on track.

3. Hire the right crew to ensure a quality final product.

One of the most important tasks in ensuring a successful video shoot is choosing the right people for your project. Experienced professionals with the right equipment and knowledge will ensure that your video looks great, sounds clear, and that your message is shared right. Work with talented professionals who can make quick adjustments on the fly without you even noticing, so that when it comes time to film, everything runs smoothly. With the right crew, you can achieve great results with minimal effort! Take our word for it.

Gather feedback from contributors throughout the process and review before releasing your video.

To make sure you’re on the same page with stakeholders throughout the entire video production process, it’s important to check in and get feedback. Make sure that everyone is aware of the timeline, key deliverables and any revisions or adjustments needed before releasing a final cut. Once you have a finished product, invite everyone involved to watch a preview and give their thoughts. Encourage them to sign off on the final cut before releasing it to the public.

Hope this helps! We work in the Boston area, all over Rhode Island, and most of New England, so if you’re looking to produce a video for your brand, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by heading to our contact page.

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