The Most Powerful Tool in Business

Does it make sense for me as a business owner to incorporate video into my business model? Will clients actually watch or listen to my content? What if it’s not perfect or is it even worth the effort?

We’re here to tell you a resounding YES! And we’re going to back it up with proof.

Engagement is important – now more than ever. Through time, engagement went from hoping up in the saddle to ride down to the general store for provisions to dancing to your favorite tune next to the ice cream parlor on TikTok. What started as solely face-to-face engagement has morphed into face-to-screen engagement.

And that’s okay. Some people fear the rise of screen time will diminish the ability to connect with our target market when – in fact – it’s the opposite.

Quickly time travel with us back to the advent of the printing press. As time rolled on and technology brought us the first circulars, newspapers began to fly off the shelves; readers’ heads buried deep between the pages. Businesses and marketers adapted to the change in consumer behavior and began posting advertisements in these publications – to put their business out in front of the engaged eyes locked into reading the paper.

Stepping back into 2020, we see Instagram videos amassing millions of views and trending across social media with influencers “calling the shots” on what’s hot or not. The means are different, but the core theory is the same, build a business and make a profit.

Sure, the pandemic has certainly shifted industry trends in the virtual direction with force; but what’s more telling is technology has changed the way customers and clients consume information. While things will return to normal after the pandemic, it’s unlikely that the technological advancements will diminish the power of video in your business model.

You want the proof? You can’t handle the proof. Just kidding – of course you can! Let’s crunch the data, shall we?

Statistics on Video Consumption

User’s demand for video content is only increasing and at a breakneck pace. According to a study published by Statista, 85% of all internet users in the US watch video content on their devices with 18-24-year-olds spending – on average – a whopping 1 hour and 23 minutes consuming video content weekly. (

Statistics on Video MsrketingAnd in a survey cast by Wyzowl, marketers indicated that video has helped produce a deeper understanding of the product or service by 95%. This is up from 80% in 2015. If these first paragraphs don’t have you convinced, here are a few examples of work we’ve done for our amazing clients to drive consumer engagement. (Wyzowl)

Video as an engagement tool – This one’s interesting. We were actually the clients in this situation. Dubasdo, our business management solution ran a contest to celebrate their 4th anniversary. Sidenote – for anyone who’s worked with us, you’ve used Dubsado, too! Anyways, a forever plan was up for grabs; meaning that the winner wouldn’t have to pay their monthly subscription fee…ever! The four most creative entries showcasing how each company leverages the Dubsado business solution would win the service for free, for life!

As a creative team, we were chomping at the bit to create something great! While balancing our other projects, our team was able to brainstorm, film, and produce a 30-second advertisement showing how
we use the Dubsado platform.

Spoiler alert (
and a slight proud brag) but our entry WON! Not only did it win, but Dubsado had already picked their four winners (it was their fourth birthday, so four winners were chosen) but had to overtly make an exception after seeing our entry. The video made its rounds around the office and the owners of Dubsado reached out to us directly to let the team know they were blown away and would be using our ad in all of their digital marketing.

Video as a fundraising tool.

In 2018, our Focus Forward Media team had the honor of meeting Kevin Flike, a retired Army Green Beret who nearly had his life taken from him one dreadful day in Afghanistan. While on patrol, Kevin’s unit came under heavy enemy fire in a dusty village in Afghanistan. Fighting to secure a perimeter, Kevin sought out better cover when an AK-47 round tore through his abdomen. When he woke up, he was in a medical hospital in Germany after doctors worked round the clock to keep Kevin alive. Over the next few years of recovery, Kevin became dependent on his pain killers. The very thing that helped him recover had now been a driving force of addiction; impeding Kevin’s full recovery. Our team began to work with Kevin and the Green Beret foundation to document Kevin’s arduous journey. The final product resulted in a 40-mintue long documentary which helped raise over $44,000 for the Green Beret foundation to help cover medical costs of recovering warriors.

Video as a differentiator.

John approached us because he needed a fresh spin on the age-old law office commercial. You see, John Simonian is a lawyer. He’s seen his fair share of monotonous commercial after monotonous commercial of law offices trying to grab business. John wasn’t about to go down that path. Not this time. After hiring Focus Forward Media and having had experience in the market John gave us his ideal vision and we worked with him and our network to create a modern, emotive advertisement for his bankruptcy solution. Check it out here!

Wanna chuckle? Take a look at our blooper reel for Dubsado!  Is your company ready to make the jump to video? Head to our contact page and fill out a form to get in touch!
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