Be So Good They Bend The Rules

Last week was Dubsado’s 4th birthday. For those of you who aren’t as acquainted with the software as we are, Dubsado is a business management solution designed to streamline your projects from start to finish; handling all the busy work so you can focus on moving projects forward. We leverage the handy tools Dubsado offers in our day-to-day management of tasks and it’s a real time-saver!

To celebrate their 4th year in business, Dubsado launched a contest where four lucky winners would take home lifetime subscriptions of the software FOR FREE. No monthly fees, no annual subscription renewals. F-R-E-E!

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Here were the rules:
1)   Publish a post – Post using one of our prompts to your Instagram, Facebook, or Blog.
2)   Fill out our entry form – Once posted, you can fill out our entry form listed on this page with a link to your published post.
3)   Repeat – You can publish multiple posts on different days as long as you fill out an entry form each time for it!

As a production company, we thought it only made sense to do what we do best here at Focus Forward Media: make an amazing video highlighting our favorite Dubsado features and how each has helped our company.

It’s easy to call out great their great product features, but we challenged ourselves to showcase Dubsado’s strengths in interesting and unique ways. The contest was only open for a week so we knew immediately it was CRUNCH TIME.

It was an extremely busy week for us, but we wanted to give it our all! Our team brainstormed on a script Monday, edited it Monday night, shot the entire production at our office on Tuesday, and – while balancing our current projects – had the final video fully edited and uploaded on Friday with a few hours to spare.

Throughout the week, Mike sporadically used snippets of our script in Dubsado-themed Facebook posts to tease our final product.

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Of course, Friday afternoon came quickly. It was the big day! Dubsado was going to be streaming live to select the winners of their 4th birthday giveaway! With our final video submitted mere hours earlier, our team sat eager to hear those fateful words.

Okay we’ll cut to the chase. We WEREN’T one of the four winners randomly selected to win…

We were the first company to create a post so meaningful that the CEO of Dubsado explained the contest rules needed to be adjusted to accommodate the winners.

When we heard Becca say, “We’re here to announce the four winners which turned to FIVE and we’ll tell you why.”, our team scooched to the edge of our seats.

“This commercial was outstanding! I was literally blown away.” – Becca, CEO of Dubsado.

“This is an extra winner…Mike Neilan of Focus Forward Media.” Becca proclaimed with a smile creeping across her face. After seeing the video thumbnail with their Dubsado logo inside a ring box, Becca curiously decided to watch. On the live video, she explains “This commercial was outstanding! I was literally blown away.” A viral sensation in the Dubsado office, our video made the rounds across their office Slack channels.

In amazement, we all wondered how they could bend the rules for us. “Everyone in the office was like, well, add a 5th one. They have to win! So that’s what we did!”

Our Focus Forward team relished in our brief glory, but we know it’s back to business and now, with our Dubsado forever plan, we’ll be even more efficient so we can focus on providing even more game-changing content for you.

“We loved it! It was the most amazing thing and it made us feel very special.” – Becca, CEO of Dubsado.

What made US feel special wasn’t winning the competition, but realizing our team could produce game-changing content in such a short amount of time. Juggling our current projects was an added stress, but our team loves what they do so much that we ended up having a blast completing this added challenge!

  1. Jake says:

    So good we bent the rules for you. That’s such a cool concept and I never would have thought of it like that. Can’t wait to feature this promo in some ads! Great work!

    • Mike Neilan says:

      Thanks so much for reading Jake! Really appreciate the support. We actually sent Biz + Becca an email about the video, let me know if you got it. Thank you again!

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