Focus Forward Media: How We Handled the Holiday Rush

This winter, our friends at Punchbowl – the gold standard in online invitations – challenged us to create a captivating 30-second commercial for the holidays. Here’s where it got exciting, though; we had only TEN days to turn this around!

Since we’ve collaborated with Punchbowl on previous projects, we knew our team was up to the test!

We had pre-existing content from our prior work with Punchbowl to use, which was a big help because we didn’t have to recreate as much visual content. We recorded the voiceover with them here in our studio using our voiceover booth. It was then professionally mixed and mastered in-house for the video. For this particular project, the client sat in on an editing session so we could really collaborate on it. Even with their tight deadline of 10 days to produce a 30-second commercial, we were able to accommodate and get the project delivered! Take a look at the results below!

Every project is different and that’s why we love what we do. Have a video in mind and want to collaborate with us? We’d love to hear about it. Get in touch with us!

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