5 Hours For 5 Seconds of Video

From a survey done by Wyzowl, it said that 12% of marketers who weren’t using video thought it was too expensive. The cost of a video can really fluctuate based on several different variables, but to that point, yes it’s typically not ‘cheap’ to produce high-quality video.

One big reason for this is because it takes real time and effort. While working on a recent project for one of our clients, we found that there was a 5-second portion of the video that took roughly 5 hours to actually make. Yes, 5 hours to make 5 seconds of video, that wasn’t a typo. Watch this video here and then we’ll explain it.

Again, this is a clip from a video we recently did and we thought it would be interesting to share what we did and a little about how we did it.

We needed a shot of certain processes happening in the app to put in where the CEO Adam is describing what the app can do. We got a shot of a hand pushing the phone into the frame with an all green image showing on the phone. We then took a screen recording of those processes happening in the app, and masked that recording onto the phone using Adobe After Effects so that it looked like the processes were naturally happening on this phone.

Between setting up the shot, getting the shot, doing the compositing in After Effects and finishing it in Premiere Pro, it took about 5 hours altogether. But it was an essential shot and overall very worth it.

While watching the video it may seem like just another but now you can see what went into it. Take a look at the full 1 minute video here as well.

As you can see, producing high-quality video takes real time and effort but when it’s done right, it’s a worthwhile investment that can really help your business.

If you have questions about video or want to see how we can help, email us today at hi@focusforwardmedia.com!

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!

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