3 Tips for Super Bowl Sunday

No these are not going to be tips on how to eat healthy for the Super Bowl. I saw an article for that and that is not what we want. It’s Super Bowl Sunday, eat that buffalo chicken dip, devour that pizza, enjoy that beer. It’s a day to enjoy football, drink beer, and forget about diets and eating healthy for a day!

Now I know what you’re probably thinking, “Aren’t you guys a media production company?” Well, yes we are, but does that mean we can’t enjoy some football and food? Well alright then, sit down for a second and read these tips to make sure your Super Bowl Sunday is a success!

Zakim Bridge - Boston, MA

Zakim Bridge – Boston, MA


……What are you waiting for? Go get it now! The stores are going to get crazy this weekend and we probably should have wrote this earlier this week but we were busy alright? If you’re reading this right now, go to the store and stock up on you and your friends favorite beer, but don’t get too much, I mean leave some for the rest of the football fans, good karma right? 

No one wants to be walking through a crowded store trying to find beer, only to see that your favorite is now out of stock, that’s not fun for anyone. Except the guys who got your favorite beer, they’re probably enjoying it. You don’t want to be stuck drinking your friends leftover Bud Light or Natty light, that’s not fun either. No disrespect to fans of those beers. 

Bottom line – go get your beer. If you’re local to Rhode Island, Whalers and Revival both make great beer! If you’re local to Framingham, Natick, Boston, or surrounding areas, try Jacks Abby!


Bravery Brewing

Lancaster, CA

2. Make some food

Don’t be that guy that shows up to the party empty handed. At least pick up chips and salsa. But be the cool guy that brings the taco dip, the buffalo chicken dip, bean dip, pizza, breadsticks, chicken wings, burgers, ANYTHING! The options are endless. You know those Tasty videos your friends always tag you in? Yeah, check some of those out and make something awesome for the party. Everyone will love you and lets be real, you’ll love you because it’s going to be delicious. 

This link right HERE has 126 recipes for Sunday that all look incredible. Make 1, or 2, heck make 3, you’ll be the MVP.  CLICK HERE


3. Get a marker for your cups!

You know what we’re talking about. You guess on which cups yours, and you accidentally pick up your friend Nick’s Bud Light. Ugh, that’s the worst huh? Or maybe you like Bud Light, who am I to judge?

But while you’re at the store getting your beer or your snacks, or the ingredients for the food you’re going to make, grab a marker! Then you can label your cups to make sure you enjoy YOUR beer all night! You’re welcome. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 8.59.29 AM.png

The title says 3 tips but there is a 4th here

Don’t drink and drive.

Enjoy yourself, have fun, but be smart. Drink water throughout the night to stay hydrated, and if you shouldn’t drive when the games over, don’t. It’s not worth risking lives.There are plenty of options; call an Uber, a Lyft, call that friend who doesn’t watch football, call your mom, your dad, or sleep at your friends! Just think, if you’re sleeping at your friends, you can crack another beer and relax! 

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 9.16.29 AM.png

Now go get ready for the weekend! Have a great rest of your day whether you’re at work or have the day off. As always, if you’d like to say hello, give us feedback, ask us a question, or want to work with us, send an email to hi@focusforwardmedia.com! We promise we’ll say hello back. 

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