5 Tips on Staying Productive During Staycation 2020

Ever have to stay in your house for weeks on end? Can’t leave to go to the office or meet with clients? Does social distancing, quarantine, or lockdown have your mind stagnant when it comes to productivity? If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, then have we got a blog for you!

If you’ve kept up with us on social media this week, you’ll see we mentioned a few of our favorite techniques to remain productive (even from your couch) and create content when there’s scarce materials.

Repurposing Older Projects

What is dead may never die. Great projects never die either; they become repurposed content! With the majority of the world on house arrest, it’s hard to get out there to create new content. Our team huddled up earlier this week (virtually, of course) to discuss some of our favorite projects. The plan is to revisit some of our greatest productions and up-cycle some of the footage in new content for some social posts to stay relevant in our follower’s feeds. Recycling and revisiting is great, but here are some other ways to keep producing content during Staycation 2020.

That’s what we did here with this 1-minute trailer. We produced a series of videos for GoRuck, one being a ~15 minute documentary about Kevin Flike and his journey to becoming a cadre. After finishing that documentary, we edited this new 1-minute trailer using the existing footage and new graphics we created with Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. We did this all without traveling anywhere new or shooting new video; and while it wasn’t an easy task, it was something we did right from our computers. Check it out below!

Instagram Live

Engage with your audience! It’s the most basic way to learn about how your company is perceived. Have open and engaging conversation with your followers – chances are they’re cooped up at home with not much to do, too! We use Instagram as our specific example, but there’s tons of tools out there to have conversation with your followers. Heck, celebs all over the world are taking to social media to engage with their fans and followers! Click here to read all about it! We suggest posting though-provoking questions to your story throughout the day, explaining that you’ll be reviewing them live at a defined time. It’s important to stick to and repeat that scheduled time to remind your followers to tune in! Read your responses in advance, so you’re not caught off guard (or trolled), BUT your questions truthfully!

Writing Blogs

When in doubt, write it out! Take your mental blocks, questions, thoughts or frustrations to the web. Write about something you’re passionate about – or conversely, something you hate; but keep it relevant to your industry or something you’d expect your target audience to find interesting. For instance, a media company wouldn’t want to write a blog about Momma’s World Famous Lasagna Recipe, but instead focus on content relevant to their industry to captivate the reader. Relevant content is good content! I’ll say that again. Relevant content is good content. Blogs are a great way for a reader to not only learn, but learn about your company. Take time to explain your approach and reasoning behind something. Times are unique right now and there’s never been a better time to explore alternate means of content! Example….this blog right here.

Going outside/Switching it up

Coming on three weeks of #StayHome, I’m sure you’ve hit the same wall many of us have. There’s just something about the separation of work and home that helps with productivity. Your mind can easily separate tasks and appropriately delegate the proper response to complete the job….it’s a different story when you, your significant other, and maybe your kids are all squeezes inside your house. The two worlds collide in a rather chaotic mess of paperwork, homework, and endless Zoom meetings! Try unplugging for a bit. Take a walk at lunchtime (if your local legislature allows it)! If not, try working from your yard or courtyard! Make your phone a mobile hotspot disconnect from the disarray inside. Here’s our resident work-from-outdoors expert, Max setting up his desk in the spring sunshine!


Have a couple glowing reviews that make you proud? Create your own testimonial using Instagram’s story features. Type your quote using one of Instagram’s multiple fonts, then once you’re happy with it, hit save at the top and share it as an Instagram post. We posted an in-depth video on our own Instagram as an example. Check it out here!

Hope this helped you out! If you have any questions for us, feel free to leave a comment or shoot us an email at hi@focusforwardmedia.com. Hope you’re all well!

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