Behind the Scenes: Quarantine Edition

I’ll take over 60% increased sales with cream cheese on the side, please.

Providence Bagel approached us to showcase their new app built to help streamline ordering during quarantine. Fast-tracked by the pandemic predicament, the Providence Bagel app allows customers to efficiently order their breakfast needs from the socially distant safety of their own homes. No need to saunter into any of their establishments; just open the app, place your meal, and pick up your freshly made order outside any of their exquisite eateries.

“If you build it, they will come.” Well, that’s mostly true…except for one important detail: marketing.

If you build it, they won’t know about it unless you tell them. And that’s exactly what Providence Bagel did. They sought out our talented team at Focus Forward Media and trusted us to help get the word out about their new, state-of-the-art app and ordering process.

Our approach was twofold: first, show the use of the app (how customers can easily navigate and order their breakfast wake-me-up with the tip of their finger) then, we created a 30-second commercial to showcase their new-fangled tech.

Our first video was a bit simpler to create. Since we only needed to show the consumer experience, we didn’t need a specific setting for the shoot; we just needed a phone, the Providence Bagel app, and our powerful editing team. The second, in-person video posed a bit more of an obstacle.

Rhode Island’s social distancing guidelines certainly added a challenge to the shoot. But we love a challenge. It’s how we get better and grow as a team; overcoming obstacles together to create the best possible deliverables for our clients. Because we needed to use as small a crew as possible, our Co-Founder and Marketing Director, Mike debuted as the star of our commercial, too. We didn’t let his 15 seconds of fame get to him, though. He’s still the same down-to-earth director, just with a new-found knack for acting! But if you need him, he’ll be in his trailer.

Doing our best to shoot a great commercial while minimizing our contact with others, we used Mike’s own home living room and kitchen has some of the setting for the shoot. Our secondary locations consisted of the closed-to-public Providence Bagel’s flagship store on North Main Street and a short stint on the new Providence Pedestrian Bridge.

Leveraging both the app demo in junction with the full-length commercial, Providence Bagel increased their app download and sales by more than 60%; giving their business the jumpstart it needed. These two ads helped propel Providence Bagel’s profits during a time where jobs and money are harder to come by. We were so happy to hear the success Providence Bagel had with this campaign. Just two local companies, adapting to the challenge of the day, grinding through it all. We commend our team and the entire Providence Bagel’s staff for keeping the goal in sight and staying focused during this difficult time.